The 29th IEEE International Conference on Embedded and
Real-Time Computing Systems and Applications(RTCSA’23)
Location: TOKI MESSE, Niigata, Japan
Date: Aug.30-Spt.01, 2023

Poster Presentations

RTCSA2023-Poster-00 Parameter Optimization for EDF-Like Scheduling of Self-Suspending Tasks Mario Günzel and Jian-Jia Chen
RTCSA2023-Poster-01 Response-time Analysis of Fault-Tolerant Hard Real-Time Systems under Global Scheduling Pourya Gohari, Jeroen Voeten and Mitra Nasri
RTCSA2023-Poster-02 Investigating Requirements and Expectations of Wearable Telexistence Robotic Systems Abdullah Iskandar, Mohammed Al-Sada, Osama Halabi and Tatsuo Nakajima
RTCSA2023-Poster-03 Designing a 3D Human Pose Estimation-based VR Tennis Training System Yuichiro Hiramoto, Mohammed Al-Sada and Tatsuo Nakajima
RTCSA2023-Poster-04 Visualization System Using Virtual Reality for Work Improvement in Small and Medium Manufacturing Industries Shogo Ogihara, Tetsuro Kato, Takafumi Kawasaki, Yuki Okura and Takeshi Iwamoto
RTCSA2023-Poster-05 A Robot Arm-based Haptic Feedback System for Augmented Reality Applications Daichi Watanabe, Mohammed Al-Sada, Kodai Fuchino and Tatsuo Nakajima
RTCSA2023-Poster-06 Make PLOR Real-time and Fairly Decentralized Tung Nguyen and Hideyuki Kawashima
RTCSA2023-Poster-07 T2Remoter: a Remote Table Tennis Coaching System Combining VR and Robotics Kodai Fuchino, Mohammed Al-Sada and Tatsuo Nakajima
RTCSA2023-Poster-08 Extending ROS Transform Library for Massive Autonomous Robots Yushi Ogiwara and Hideyuki Kawashima
RTCSA2023-Poster-09 Analyzing Digital Services across the Compute Continuum using iFogSim Saeedeh Baneshi, Ana Lucia Varbanescu, Anuj Pathania, Benny Akesson and Andy Pimentel
RTCSA2023-Poster-10 ILP based Mapping for Elastic CGRAs Makoto Saito, Takuya Kojima, Hideki Takase and Hiroshi Nakamura

Instructions for Presenters

After Poster Presenters

#Call for Poster Presentation

The RTCSA 2023 poster session provides an opportunity to present early-stage work and receive feedback from not only the real-time/embedded system community but also non-volatile memory systems community from NVMSA co-located with the conference. Both research and industry presentations are solicited. The poster session will be held with the welcome reception. RTCSA 2023 seeks the presentations in the areas described in call for papers.


Submissions have at most 2 pages of technical content, including all text figures, tables, appendices, references, etc. The submitted extended abstracts are subject to single-blind reviews. The extended abstract is formatted according to the IEEE conference paper guidelines, and published in the RTCSA 2023’s proceedings.

Important dates: